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Nix dermal cream from Canada is a scabicide used to treat scabies. Nix dermal cream is applied to the skin, left on for 10 hours, and then washed off with lukewarm, soapy water. A second application of Nix dermal cream from Canada after 1 week is sometimes recommended to kill any new mites that have hatched. Permethrin (Nix cream) is the current treatment of choice for curing scabies infestations. Nix itch cream should be used with caution on people who are allergic to pyrethrin products or chrysanthemums. Nix appears to be as effective as Lindane, without the risk of rare yet severe side effects. A single application of Nix dermal cream cures most scabies infestations. Itching usually decreases significantly within 24 hours, though some itching is common for up to several weeks after treatment. People who have crusted (Norwegian) scabies may need to apply the medication several times. It may be necessary to follow the initial Nix treatment with other scabies medications (such as ivermectin, lindane, or sulfur) to cure this form of scabies. Possible side effects of Nix dermal cream can include: Temporary redness, itching, burning or stinging of the skin.
Nix 5% Dermal Cream
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Nix dermal cream  is a scabicide used to treat scabies.
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