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The mineral wheel diagram shows the complex interactions that minerals have with each other.  Some minerals require other minerals to be present in order to do their job (single arrows on the lines of the mineral wheel.)  Other minerals interfere with anotherís bio-availability (double, opposing arrows on the lines of the mineral wheel).  This simplified mineral wheel illustrates the interactions of only 23 minerals.  Imagine the complexity if all 75 naturally occurring minerals and elements were included.

The primary objective of mineral intake should be to obtain the proper mineral balance.  Coral exists in a natural balance.
Coral Calcium is specially formulated for optimal assimilation because minerals, especially calcium, can be very difficult to get into the blood stream.  No matter how much calcium or minerals we take, they won't do any good if they don't get into the blood.

Coral minerals are naturally ionized (nature's smallest form, 1000 times smaller than colloidal) allowing for almost total bioavailability.  Coral Calcium includes a blend of minerals, vitamin D (which must be present for absorption to occur), hydrochloric acid (HCL or stomach acid) for enhanced assimilation and malic acid (from apples) to prevent calcium from clumping, which can cause gas and constipation.
Calcium from Coral                                                          230 mg

(600 mg of Coral Calcium contains 230 mg Elemental Calcium - note that some web sites do not post how much actual Calcium is in their Coral Calcium - this is important for dosing. For example, most authorities recommend a daily intake of 1000 - 1200 mg of calcium per day for adults. If you take 3 caps, you will get 690 mg and the rest can be made up in your diet. If your diet is low in calcium, you may want to increase your Coral dose accordingly. By comparison, the Marine or Ocean variety of Coral promoted by others usually comes in a 500 mg cap and is 24% elemental calcium for a total of 120 mg per cap, so you would need to take approximately twice as many caps.)

73 minerals from Coral                                                      370 mg
Magnesium from Coral and chelated minerals               51 mg
Vitamin D                                                                            400 IU
Vitamin C                                                                            5 mg
Malic Acid from apples                                                     10 mg
Betaine HCL                                                                       5 mg
   100% Pure Okinawan Coral Powder. 110 grams. 
   Suggested maintenance dose is 1 gram per day x 110 grams. 
   This is more than a 3 month supply. 
   Your cost is less than $10 per month!
   Each gram of powder contains 375 mg of calcium

Pure Okinawan Coral Powder Micronized to 2 Microns
Naturally filled with ionized Calcium and 73 minerals 
Instructions: mix one or more 1 gram scoops of powder with your favorite drink. Flavourless. 1 gram plastic scoop included.
About Coral Calcium & 73 Coral Minerals
Resist diseases by raising body pH
Stop bone loss by providing building blocks
Increase your energy by raising oxygen levels in the blood
Maximize your health by providing your cells with all the minerals they need in balance
Avoid constipation caused by many Calcium supplements
Full Spectrum Source of Minerals
Coral Calcium contains every mineral, in similar proportion, found in the human body.  This is vitally important because some trace minerals are entirely missing from our food and supplements, yet these minerals occur in the human body for a reason.  The human body functions synergistically: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Every mineral has a crucial role to play in the human anatomy.
For every mineral there are several other minerals that must be present in the proper amount and in turn, those minerals must have other minerals present, or the mineral will not do the job required by the human body.  Supplementing the diet with Coral Calcium may help keep all mineral levels up and each and every mineral in balance.