Soothing Relief for Dry, Irritated Eyes

Due to its thick formula, REFRESH CELLUVISC Lubricant Eye Drops is ideal for persistent dry eye conditions. REFRESH CELLUVISC provides lasting relief and protection for dry, scratchy eyes.

Use during the day or at night - whenever your eyes need an extra boost of moisture. REFRESH CELLUVISC Lubricant Eye Drops has a gentle, soothing formula that has some of the same healthy qualities as natural tears.

REFRESH® CELLUVISC is preservative-free to eliminate the potential irritation to you eyes caused by the preservatives found in some bottled eye drops. REFRESH CELLUVISC Lubricant Eye Drops provides 24-hour comfort for dry, irritated eyes.
Carboxylmethylcellulose Sodium (CMC) (1.0%)(Eye lubricant)
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Celluvisc Lubtricant Eye Drops 1% - 0.4ml x 30