Indications And Clinical Uses: For removal of impacted cerumen. Cleansing prior to aural examination, treatment, or audiometry. Should not be used for routine wax removal or cleaning of the ears.

Contra-Indications: Perforated eardrum. Middle ear infection or severe inflammatory or atopic dermatitis in the external ear. Positive patch test. History of untoward reaction to Cerumenex.

Precautions: Should be used with extreme caution in patients with demonstrable dermatologic idiosyncrasies or with a history of allergic reactions in general.

In case of doubt as to the safety of use, a patch test should be performed by placing a drop of Cerumenex Drops on the flexor surface of the arm (or forearm) and covering with a small bandage strip. The test results are read and interpreted after 24 hours. A positive reaction indicates the probability of an allergic reaction following instillation in the ear.

Patients should be instructed not to exceed a 15 to 20 minute exposure of the ear canal to the medication, nor to use the drops more frequently than prescribed. If an untoward reaction occurs, the drops should be discontinued.

When administering care should be taken to avoid undue exposure of the periaural skin during the instillation and the flushing out of the medication. If the medication comes in contact with the skin, the area should be washed with soap and water. Use of proper technique will help avoid such undue exposure.
Cerumenex Ear Wax Removal Drops
Chemical Name: TROLAMINE (TROLE-a-meen)
15 ml ... 16.99
Cerumenex is a ceruminolytic agent used to soften and remove earwax.
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