Exorex® (also known as Linotar® in most of the countries in the Southern Hemisphere) is a
highly innovative topical dermatological preparation, indicated for the treatment of
Psoriasis and Eczema. The active ingredient is plain coal tar. In addition, Exorex®
features a sophisticated vehicle, consisting of a specific combination of free essential fatty acids. Exorex®, as a result, has been successfully applied without most of the burdens that are usually associated with the use of any older, more conventional, coal tar preparations.
Contrary to most old-fashioned coal tar preparations, Exorex® Lotion produces an extremely rapid and almost complete penetration (1). The excipients have a transdermal carrier function, bringing coal tar much more efficiently through the affected skin. Thanks to this special
feature and due to the general physical properties of Exorex® Moisturising Cream, the product does not provoke as much of the yellow staining that is common to coal tar products, nor does it produce the traditional strong coal tar smell: The product DISSAPEARS within minutes.

Application: 3 times daily Exorex is the absolute best medicine to treat psoriasis. The Psoriasis Penetrating Emulsion is not a cure but is the first step in both the Body and Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Programs.

1 % Coal Tar
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