Dry Eye Relief that Lasts,
a Preservative that Doesn't
GenTeal with its unique disappearing preservative is safe and gentle for people with mild to moderate dry eye.

Safe Disappearing Preservative
(less than 60 ppm H2O2 from

In normal use, the eye’s natural enzymes completely and rapidly neutralize H2O2 into harmless water and oxygen.
In vitro studies of H2O2 do not show the neutralization effect seen in vivo, as there are no natural enzymes present.
Repeated dosing and patient's age have no significant effect on the eye's natural ability to neutralize H2O2
Gentle Formulation:
Hypotonic formulation helps restore the hypertonic eye to its normal isotonic state
The by-products of preservative neutralization (water and oxygen) have no deleterious effects.
- Preservatives that convert to salt may exacerbate the dry eye condition.
Why use single dose units?
The disappearing preservative in GenTeal makes it a safe, convenient and economical alternative to single dose units.
Multidose format means fewer hassles, less packaging and lower cost.
Genteal Eye Lubricant Drops 25 ml...
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