Kinerase Cream 
This gentle, effective Kinerase Cream restores and retains moisture to help your skin look and feel younger and healthier.

It's intended for:
Normal Skin
Mature Skin
Cooler Climates
Dry Skin
Cooler Months

For Topical Dermatological Use Only.

Kinerase Cream is used for the unwanted visual effects of skin aging and/or photodamage. Used as directed, Kinerase Lotion helps:
Reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.
Fade blotchy brown spots.
Improve skin roughness
without the irritation to the skin often associated with prescription retinoid products such as Renova/Retin-A.

Kinerase Cream has virtually none of the side effects (redness, burning/stinging, and peeling) associated with prescription retinoid products such as Renova/Retin-A.(1)

After 24 weeks of a clinical study, 97% of Kinerase users reported improvement in skin appearance. In addition, moisture retention improved with Kinerase use, demonstrating a moisturizing effect as opposed to the drying effect of prescription retinoids.(2)

Kinerase Cream is noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic.
Kinerase Cream
Company Info
kinerase cream
Kinerase uses a natural substance, kinetin, to help your skin look younger and healthier Ideal for all skin types