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Pain Reliever, Antibacterial

For the temporary relief of pain associated with canker sores, cold sores, fever blisters and minor irritation or injury of the mouth and gums.

Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Apply to affected area. Use up to 4 times daily or as directed by a dentist or physician. Children under 12 years of age should be supervised in the use of the product. Children under 2 years of age: Consult a dentist or physician.

If sore mouth symptoms do not improve in 7 days; if irritation, pain or redness persists or worsens; or if swelling, rash or fever develops, see your dentist or physician promptly. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. In case of accidental overdose or allergic reaction, seek professional assistance or contact a Poison Control Center immediately. Do Not Use: If you have a history of allergy to local anesthetics such as procaine, butacaine, benzocaine or other """"caine"""" anesthetics. For more than seven days unless directed by a dentist or physician.

Active Ingredients
Benzocaine 10%; Benzalkonium Chloride 0.12%
Inactive Ingredients
Flavor; Polyethylene Glycol 400; Propylene Glycol; Purified Water; Sodium Saccharin; Tannic Acid"""
Tanac Liquid
Tanac Liquid Pain Reliever, Antibacterial 13 ml
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Tanac Liquid Pain Reliever - 13 ml / .44 oz